Development, SMS Marketing

There is a cut throat competition in almost every sector. Businesses are constantly on a look out for new methods of marketing, so that they can reach a large number of people in a minimum expense. SMS marketing is a low-cost marketing solution used by companies to inform their target customers about promotions, discounts, and launch of new products or collection.

Why Has SMS Marketing Become Popular?

  • Mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everybody uses a mobile phone and carries it all the time. Therefore, SMS marketing has become an effective tool to increase sales and customer base.
  • There is hardly any time lag between sending and receiving a message through SMS, therefore, it is the fastest way to share information. You can use short message service for delivering time-sensitive information to your customers, like if you have introduced a one-day discount offer, you can spread the message through SMS.
  • Messages sent through SMS are more readily received and read by people, than e-mails that often go into the spam folder.
  • It is a convenient way to market your products and services. All you need is SMS software that can send SMS in bulk, and the database of your prospective customers, whom you want to reach. You can also personalize the messages, in order to make the recipients feel special. Short message service is also great for sending discount codes.
  • SMS software contains templates that make it easy for you to develop promotional messages. The software allows you to maintain a database of your prospective customers. You can divide the database into different groups for your convenience. You can also schedule the messages to be sent on pre-set date and time.
  • SMS marketing is the cheapest way to reach to your target customers. It is a low cost method to increase brand visibility, sales, and revenue. If you develop your marketing strategy carefully, it can help you to improve the bottom line of your company.

4 Tips For Developing An Effective SMS Marketing Plan

  1. You should select the words carefully and write the message in a concise, yet powerful manner. Less is more when it comes to SMS marketing.
  2. Always test your marketing campaign before launching it. Send the message only to a group of 100 people and then, based on the response, determine whether the trial run has been successful or not.
  3. Do not send messages to everyone on this earth. Decide the purpose of your marketing campaign, and decide your target group accordingly. For example, if you have arranged a competition for kids at your store, there is no need to send messages to singles. Deciding the right target group is essential to increase conversion rate.
  4. Give the option to unsubscribe. This gesture shows that you care for people and do not want to bother anyone not interested in your offers and promotions.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help you increase your sales overnight. Develop effective marketing campaigns after studying the demographics of your target group and understanding their liking and preferences.