The Power Of SMS Marketing
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There is a cut throat competition in almost every sector. Businesses are constantly on a look out for new methods of marketing, so that they can reach a large number of people in a minimum expense. SMS marketing is a low-cost marketing solution used by companies to inform their target customers about promotions, discounts, and […]

Promoting Your Brand Was Never So Easy!
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In this article, we would be reading about the meaning, benefits and functionality of the principle of SMS marketing besides having a brief look at some of the common terms used in this segment such as SMS service, SMS marketing solutions, SMS delivery solutions, SMS gateways and VoIP switches. There is no doubt that the […]

Bulk SMS Marketing – Is it All Hype?
SMS Marketing

SMS Messages have become our Daily Routine Activity in our life. In the current Price Wars the mobile phones can now be afforded by any one and they have reached even to the lowest income group people. The usage of Sms has increased many folds thanks to the lowest SMS rates in the current scenario. […]